Your Customers Like To BUY From You Not Be SOLD To

Have you ever wondered why some prospects don’t buy from you after all the hard work that you have done to show them your product or service?

Chances are that you have been trying too hard to sell to them instead of getting them excited and engaged to buy from you…. There are reasons that I see why this happening every day in all types of businesses in every industry.

In sales and selling – It is either what you are saying/doing OR not saying/doing that is either contributing or detracting from your and the business success.

I would love a dollar for every time I have introduced myself to a business owner and they have said… I hate sales OR I’m not really good at sales…… But you are in the business world marketing and supplying your product/ service ?? That needs a solid sales style process to survive, doesn’t it? Think of this as just helping as many people as possible with your product/service – that’s not so salesy is it! More