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“Darren’s talks are fast-moving, educational, enjoyable and always entertaining. “
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He has the wonderful ability to tailor each talk for his particular audience and to communicate his methodology with his sales success and business development expertise.
Add to this the core focus for business and individual success being the principals of having the skills to excel in negotiating life – Darren’s presentations always deliver the best outcomes and results for the audience.  
Keynote speaking, motivational speaking, meeting facilitation and workshop presentations appropriate for:
* Sales Teams
* Company Planning Retreats
* Conventions
* Corporate Events
* Workshops & Business Training Breakout Sessions
* Networking Groups
* Chambers of Commerce
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  • Effective Sales Techniques to Maximise Profits

    What if you could you could increase your turnover each month by just improving and fine tuning your Sales Techniques?

    Over 70% of small and medium business, including start ups do not have a solid Sales Process in place for the ongoing success of the business.

    In this presentation you will learn and define the best sales and sales process to really maximise your business profits. Sales success is based on either what you say or do or what you did not say or do in front of your target market or list.

    Topics covered include – relationship building, consultative selling, overcoming objections and follow up strategies.

    There is an easier way and we will showcase easy to use strategies and skills to make this area a strength in your business. 

  • How to Create WOW Sales & Customer Care
    Prospects like to BUY not be SOLD too….
    If you want to create a culture in your business where clients become raving fans of YOU and your business team, then this presentation is for you!
    So many businesses work way too hard to get prospects to buy and cripple the chance of them returning as a client because of their sales and customer care processes.
    5 simple strategies that are easy to implement and use everyday and everyday will transform your sales and your referral business from these sales.
    You will walk away with a plan of action from this mini presentation and a fresh approach to customer care.
  • The POWER of Effective Prospecting
    Why is it that some Sales Professionals and Business Owners have greater success in attracting the right customers through their own Prospecting Strategies?
    Aside from standard Marketing they do things differently to attract customers through low cost, easy to implement Prospecting.
    How would your business or role in sales prosper if you :
    Has stronger more qualified leads.
    A strategy that was easy to role out each month that was budget friendly and got customers excited to buy. 
    Leave having to bargain and make a deal or reduce prices to make a sale.
    This presentation and the following workshop deals with the ability of a business or sales person to create their own leads and enquiries that are easier to work with and ultimately they buy faster and return for repeat business.We will teach how to create stronger, warmer leads for the business that are low costing, built on relationships, partners and fellow professionals.
    The POWER of Effective Prospecting with teach you that and much more!!
    We will in the workshop cover:
    How to build an easy Referral based business
    5 strategies for lead generation in Networking and basic social media.
    How to build Business Affiliates and Referral Partners that suit your particular business.
    This presentation workshop is  perfect for you to see how this method of lead generation can work for you and if we can, we will all test this out in the workshop.
  • Communication Skills for Business and Sales Success
    Ever wondered why some prospects seem tougher to bring on as a client or do not buy from you at all, after using all the skills and tools in your sales process?
    Now if they are either procrastinating but more likely you may have lost them with the way YOU delivered the sales process…. 
    This is a very common thing and we call it the undercooked or overcooked egg process.
    In this advanced presentation you will learn that by realising the type of person that you have in front of you will determine what depth and in fact what needs to be presented from your sales process gets the prospect excited to BUY.
    Using the NLP tool called DISC, you will learn how to tailor your presentation and communication to suit every type of person that you encounter in your role. 
    If its sales or customer service, this presentation will change your success and results immediately by implementing 3 key skills from the DISC methodology.

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  • Stunning Results

    Thank you again for delivering a terrific presentation at our last meeting of the Shellharbour City Business Network and an outstanding workshop the following day.
    The formal evaluations provided by the audience resulted in an 97% satisfaction level of either 4/5 or 5/5 for each of the survey questions for the meeting presentation and 100% satisfaction for the workshop – Stunning results!

    Stunning Results
    Trevor James
    Economic Development Manager
    Shellharbour City Council
  • Very Informative

    "Darren was most helpful"
    "Great event - can't wait for the workshop tomorrow"
    "Very good, very informative.  Answered lots of problems"
    "Loved interaction - very interesting presentation"

    Participant Feedback
    Keynote Presentation
  • Would recommend him highly

    Darren has delivered multiple workshops for our centre on sales and effective sales techniques to name a few.
    He is well presented and the content of this workshops are very good and is well received by our clients.
    Would recommend him highly.

    Would recommend him highly
    John Todd
    Executive Officer | Chairman
    BEC Australia
  • Very Valuable for small business

    "Found this marketing event useful"
    "Very interesting"
    "I really enjoy the workshops - very valuable for small business"

    Participant feedback
    Keynote Presentation