Sales Skills Series Sales Training

LiveNOW Consultancy has tailored learning programs that will suit every business budget, with a strong focus on your desired outcomes as the priority!
We have many topics covering the areas of Sales Skills, Sales Process and Business Development available which are delivered via short workshops, induction training and coaching.  Key topics can be put into an intro or team meeting in the form of a short presentation and then developed into a 2-3 hour workshop or coaching.  All trainings and coaching sessions have clear actions and outcomes as well as high value for the participant.
We have found that a mix of workshops and coaching work extremely well for most businesses with teams that have different strengths and weaknesses in sales and business development. It is usually a focus, refresh or building upon a few key skills that make the biggest difference and mindset for success. To support this, my goals as a Coach are for a business to see a 100% return on their training investment over an agreed specific time. 
For this to provide exactly the outcomes and success you need,  we recommend a initial meeting with the key stakeholders to develop an understanding where you are now and where you want to go. Together we can then move towards the new outcomes from the coaching and training program.

Topics covered

* The New Realities of Selling (Introduction to Sales)
* Prospecting Power
* Relationship Selling
* Identifying Needs Accurately
* Making Persuasive Presentations
* Overcoming Objections
* Closing the Sale
* Communication Skills for Selling (DISC NLP)
* Manage, Monitor and Motivate  (Key Numbers Management)
* Phone Skills
* Follow Up Strategy
* Client Nurture Campaigns
* Referral Strategy
* Sales Management (Team Meetings, Targets, Strategies)