Grow Your Sales Skills and

Grow Your Business the SellingSOLO Way

The SellingSOLO Coaching is entirely about learning the skills and processes to master the best way to promote your product/service. It is designed for a small business owner or sole trader who among many weekly things – has to SELL.

If you are new to sales and selling or just want to be the best in the business you represent – SellingSOLO Coaching is for you.

I am a Sales Coach who specialises in small to medium business and I have taught thousands of business owners, from just about every industry, how to sell by using a model that gets your prospect and customer wanting to BUY from you not be SOLD too.

Promoting a business or working as a sales professional is a busy role and from lead generation, prospect management and engaging someone to buy needs solid sales skills and a process. It also needs to be tailored to your business, resources and budget.

I find many business owners and sales people just don’t know where to start … so they end up moving from tactic to tactic without seeing any results. That’s why I concluded that you need one central place to get sales help designed for your business.

That place is SellingSOLO Coaching

SellingSOLO Personal Coaching

SellingSOLO Personal Coaching combines cutting edge sales and business success skills with a fully tailored one on one coaching experience.  80% of successful businesses and individual people attribute their success to coaching and mentoring. 

Whether you are new to sales or a seasoned professional , SellingSOLO Personal Coaching will take you to the next level of success whatever your services or product.

Why SellingSOLO Personal Coaching?

  • Make sales and business development a strength in your business or role with SellingSOLO. 
  • Face to Face or online coaching available
  • Over 12 sales and business development modules available to suit your coaching needs
  • Comprehensive plan and implementation with 15, 30 minute sessions available







SellingSOLO Group Coaching

SellingSOLO Group Coaching is a interactive webinar program on sales conversion and all the skills and steps that you need to become truly competent in this very important area. You will find sales coaching that will help you learn and execute the fundamental skills you need to sell your products and services. 

The SellingSOLO Group Coaching programs have a maximum of 6 people at a time to ensure a strong tailored approach for all attendees. The program includes 90-minute sales skills webinars, individual one on ones, 60-minute Q & A group-coaching and access to sales tools and resources. 

Programs run for a 6 or 12 week period and webinar sessions are recorded if you can’t make it.  With small group numbers you will have plenty of opportunities to submit your specific questions, and I will give you guidance on how to tackle whatever problems you are running into.

Why SellingSOLO Group Coaching?

  • supportive group learning environment
  • clear skills and tools to apply to your business model and industry
  • specialist one on one coaching with high-value outcomes
  • use or add to what you have in place
  • comprehensive Q & A section every month submitted by YOU.

SellingSolo Intro Program

6-week Program

Week 1 – Starting Session/ Webinar 1  (60mins)

Week 2 – Sales Coaching Individually Booked In (30mins)

Week 3 – Individual Module Topics Webinar 2 (60mins)

Week 4 – Sales Coaching Individually Booked In (30mins)

Week 5 – Individual Module Topics Webinar 3 (60mins)

Week 6 – Sales Coaching Individually Booked In (30mins)

All sessions powered by ZOOM online  | Business and After Hours sessions available
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