Have you ever wondered why some prospects don’t buy from you after all the hard work that you have done to show them your product or service?

Chances are that you have been trying too hard to sell to them instead of getting them excited and engaged to buy from you…. There are reasons that I see why this happening every day in all types of businesses in every industry.

In sales and selling – It is either what you are saying/doing OR not saying/doing that is either contributing or detracting from your and the business success.

I would love a dollar for every time I have introduced myself to a business owner and they have said… I hate sales OR I’m not really good at sales…… But you are in the business world marketing and supplying your product/ service ?? That needs a solid sales style process to survive, doesn’t it? Think of this as just helping as many people as possible with your product/service – that’s not so salesy is it!As a Sales Coach, I believe if some small aspects of your sales process are refined or for some developed and put in place – you may even enjoy sales and selling ….Oops, okay maybe like it a little better. The truth is that while we neglect our sales skills, process and conversion numbers and then dismiss as the uncontrollable’s – sales and selling your product/ service will not be the strength it can be for you.

Hard fact: If your revenue increased by 2% per month due to an increase in sales conversions – how would your business look after 12 months? What would you do with the extra revenue and profit?  What about an increase of 10% revenue? WOW you may say…is it possible?

Businesses that I work with and coach are getting up to the 10% increases in revenue from tailored sales coaching…..just like the Cronulla Sharks this year, having a great coach makes the difference to the results being achieved so everyone wins. By paying attention to your sales process, the sales skills of your business and importantly the key numbers around this area are crucial. Deciding that gradual improvement across this vital area then needs to be part of your strategic plan.

5 things that you must start doing for Prospects and Clients to BUY not be SOLD to more often!

(1) Get Better Leads (warmer)
Warmer leads are easier to work with right across the board. Referrals and return business come into this category along with people or businesses you know. Networking events and organizations are also crucial to the success of getting your share of warmer leads.We still need to market the traditional ways but your ability to reach out into your circle of influence from friends, family and people you do business with is where some businesses I see are now reporting the increase of this leads growth that is easier to win business from.

(2) People Skills, Communication and Build Relationships
Rapport is a buzz word in business and especially sales but we need to be good at using our people skills right across the business. Everyone in your team needs to display solid communication and people skills to build relationships with prospects and customers. This is one of the most underrated areas of business and one that brings more business potential undone that anything in a business. People like to deal with people they like and trust and that starts from the time your prospects meets or contacts you. Phone skills and presentation skills should not be brushed over for any business. The most successful business people build strong powerful relationships with their prospects, client and business affiliates.

“Easy to do BUT easier not to do” – Jim Rohn

(3) Master the Selling/ Buying Zone
Easily the most crucial part of getting a prospect to BUY from you instead of being SOLD to is this area!

Often called the needs analysis, this is your ability to diagnose the prospect’s needs/ wants so your product/service can be a solution to their needs. This is generally 80% of the sale. What you say here, the questions you ask are paramount to the prospect engaging to BUY. What is their compelling reason to use your product/service? What will your solution do for them, change for them, save them in $$$? When do they want the solution in place? Do they have a budget set for the solution? Good questions and listening are the key…..mix that with product knowledge, as an expert who wants to help and you’re well on your way to mastering this area.

People BUY emotionally and then back up the decision logically. Master this part of the process and the close of the business becomes so much easier

(4) Following Up Strategies
Not everyone buys the first time you meet and or present to them – even if you nail most of the above!  At least up to 50% will need to think about it, compare and then decide. What is your follow up strategy? Most businesses neglect this part of the sales process but neglect this and your sales will just sail away, maybe to another supplier after you did all the hard work. Follow up must be a strategy that you or your sales team work on so you can contact the prospect with an agreed next step.

Have a reason to call your prospect with an agreed day and time. Work hard to bring some new information to the next step meeting or some good news. Finally have an offer that gets the prospect moving that is secondary to the original solution, cost and plan. Getting them started is sometimes the best option on another product plan or service. Just don’t let them go without a next step strategy.

(5) Measure your Key numbers – “What gets Measured Gets Done”
Just like the profit and loss, sales and conversion numbers must be measured right across the business. Lead to sale percentage for profitability needs to be sitting at 30% + for most businesses. How many leads do you need to reach your sales conversion targets? Do you know your key sales numbers at the moment?

For most sales teams in a medium business, there are more numbers needed to drive the success of sales and conversions. In my experience, this area of the business is done poorly and usually neglected as we get busy. Clear report numbers in this area manage, monitor and motivate both the business owner who is responsible for sales, as well as the sales team in a larger organisation.

Get these 5 tips working better in your business and the sales conversions will improve and so will your revenue and in the short term, your cash flows. Your prospects will want to BUY from you not be SOLD to with a logical deal – but with a compelling reason that your product/service and company is the best option no matter what the investment is.