How many clients do you need to make your target weekly?

Is your hard work being crippled by cancellations or clients that do not show up?

Do you sit down with your team and plan for a good day?

Monitoring your key numbers, managing your resources for success and most importantly motivating your team are the key to your business making a profit month after month after month.

Here are 3 tips for success from LiveNOW Consultancy:

  • Record all your keys numbers each day to work out your conversion stats (Enquiry / Sale %)
  • Develop weekly focus meeting to go through these stats for training for improvement.
  • Work out as a team the numbers needed in the business to make target per day, week and month. This will ensure that all the team will be aware of the state of play for the business.

 What gets measured in business GETS DONE.

Remember everybody in your business is responsible for the profit every day.