If You Are Communicating With Everyone the Same Way You Could Be Losing Up To 75% of Your Sales Success Opportunities!

Learning the DISC Sales Behaviour Model

  • Have you ever given your best sales presentation, completely nailing the promotion of your product BUT missed out on the Sale?
  • Have you been dominated by a direct, fast talking prospect that seems to verbally push you around because they seem in a big hurray or just not interested, even after they called you?

Many of our clients at the LiveNOW Consultancy report this and we immediately chat to them about the DISC Sales Behaviour model training.

You know that there are many different types of people that you meet in your travels as a sales professional but do you know that most sales professionals give the same presentation to every prospect/customer unaware that the behaviour and motivators for buying are different for many people. It’s like trying to put a square peg in a round hole, it is tough to complete.

In the sales arena, it’s the same; different types of people with different behaviours WILL have different ways of wanting to receive your sales presentation. Whatever process you use to promote your product, learning the secrets of the DISC Sales Behaviour will give you an edge that you just have to see to believe. Behaviour in the DISC model means HOW someone acts and in particular the following 2 opposite easy to see areas.

Do they either talk fast or slower?            

Are they either task orientated or people orientated?

By understanding the differences in the talk speed and the task versus people focus, you have the basis of the DISC behaviour model that will open a brand new world of effective communication. Each of those examples is a different behaviour style to the other.  What do you think you are?

So here are our top 3 tips in the world of Behaviour Selling.  (DISC model)

  1. Get to know YOUR behaviour style in the DISC model.
  2. Understand the other 3 behaviour styles in the DISC model.
  3. Then as you promote your product to your prospects /customers present the product to their behaviour style NOT yours.

Those tips alone will save you valuable time, allow greater rapport and trust with your customer and importantly – give you the words, details and speed to be communicating on the same page. This will bring you enormous success.

LiveNOW Consultancy are the specialists in teaching the DISC model to your team, especially where sales and customer service are crucial to your business success.

This program will change the way you communicate with your business customers and your personal contacts.

Contact Darren at LiveNOW Consultancy to find out how this can help you master the art of communication and sales success using the DISC Sales Behaviour model.