How Many Prospective Customers Do You See Every Day?

If you counted the people that you visually see every day in your world, the total number would be close to thousands. Interesting enough, all of these people could be a potential customer and could have a need to use your products or services.

If you could learn how to convert some of these people into a customer would you be interested? You should be, because the majority of businesses that we deal with report that up to 60% of their customers come from someone that they already know.

This is an interesting statistic, because some of those people you see every day in your world also see and know you better than you think. 

Here are some examples – who do you see you regularly at your coffee shop, supermarket, petrol station, pub/club and office block. This list goes on.

Proactively chatting to these people, building rapport and finding commonality leads to you being able to chat about your product/ service. Once this takes place, trust is gained and people love dealing with people they trust.

The goal for all sales professionals must be to SEE MORE PEOPLE, then you can MAKE MORE SALES and make more lead generation go from cool leads to warm leads in a few easy steps

Don’t miss the opportunity to make contact with these people who you see every day.